Essential home design decor tips

Many of us love to constantly redesign and upgrade our homes to make it look cosy, comfortable and inviting. If hiring a interior designer isn’t an option especially if the changes that need done a minor in nature being aware of a few tips used by professionals can be of help. Interior designing in Goa first begins with having a clear understanding of the layout of the room and the type of room that needs to be decorated.(Recommended Reading)

The décor style for a living room is completely different as compared to the decor of a bathroom or a kitchen. Each room must be the first assessed for the architectural limitations in it such as the placement of the doors, windows, balconies, beams, columns, etc. Next would be to understand the placement of furniture in the room. This requires a lot of thought as the furniture placed in the rooms needs to be well-balanced, proportionate and also in some cases symmetrical.

Although layouts vary from room to room, essentially they form an universally similar configuration. Assessing the type of colours used in the room, use on the walls, flooring and in the theme is also essential in creating the right mood and ambience in a particular environment. For example, kitchens can handle loud colours such as oranges and yellows on the other hand living rooms need to be rich with pastel colors. Bedrooms are the other hand requires softer shades such as blues, greens etc. Lighting in the room is also a vital factor in creating the right ambience.

Lighting basically comprises of natural as well as artificial lighting which has to be equally balanced. Allowing for natural light to enter the room will ensure that the space looks brighter and also larger in appearance. Natural light is also necessary to keep the room fresh and airy. Artificial lighting in the room is generally recommended in a minimum of 2 to 3 layers. One layer for focus lighting and the other for ambient light of surely the third layer can be used for mood lighting.


Modular Kitchen in Goa

L shaped kitchens are the most common kitchen’s seen  in Goa especially in apartments in cities such as Panjim, Margao, Mapusa, Vasco and surrounding areas. L-shaped kitchens are best known for maximum utilization of space  is smaller sized apartments. An alternate to L shaped kitchens are straight kitchens which are commonly seen in studio apartments. In a straight kitchen the sink and hob are installed on the same platform whereas in the L-shaped design the sink and the hob are divided onto two parts, the sink being place on one side and the hob on the longer side of the kitchen platform.  Modular installation can be fabricated in plywood as well as compressed wood which are wither heat pressed with the help of a machine or hand pressed.


There are also a variety of hardware and accessories now available in Goa from companies such as Hafele, Haitech etc. The finishes can be in hand finishes polish, laminates or melamine finish.  At Enfold modular we design custom made kitchens made to fit kitchen of a specific size and measurements. These installations are made to measure and are available in a variety of specifications. If you are based in Goa and have an apartment in the city do ensure that you check out our latest designs, we are happy to make a site visit and provide you with a free quote.